Welcome to Witzkan® A hand-held sensory/tactile game

Witzkan ®  is a sensory and tactile held game designed for everyone.

Ages 3-103

Use your "wits" and play Witzkan®


What is a Witzkan®?

Witzkan ®  is a game where anyone can use their 'wits' and their 'can' do attitude to find and seek a wide variety of items hidden within a colorful flannel pouch with large window. The game can be played individually or with up to 2 other people. Using soft flannel is important as it is easily manipulated while being comforting. It is a fabric everyone is comfortable handling. The game has 28 hidden items that the player must identify and maneuver to the window. The items are listed on one of the attached cards and the directions for playing the game is on the other attached card. Both cards can be removed when playing with others. 


Am I a game? A learning device? Both?

Witzkan ®  helps teach children colors, shapes and names while reinforcing hand eye coordination, finger dexterity and memory recall for everyone.

Witzkan ®  is ideal for traveling, in church, when hand exercise is required, quiet time, in educational settings, or when you just want to challenge yourself. 

When playing the Witzkan ®  with others it creates conversation. 


Handling & Care of the Witzkan®.

Each Witzkan® has 28 items hidden in it. 

Witzkan ®  is not designed to be played for children under 3 years of age due to small items. Small children can be told what to find and have help manipulating the game until they are able to hold the game and move the items to the window by themselves. Once they are older they can read the list of items and explore the Witzkan ®  on their own.

Witzkan ®  was tested for child safety with the items and construction and passed. The double layer of fabric on the front and back, 20 gage plastic "window" and the double stitching reinforces that safety is priority one.

Witzkan ®  cannot be washed or dry cleaned. It can be spot cleaned carefully.

Each Witzkan ®  fabric design has 28 different hidden items including the common item of the puzzle piece. 

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